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Give your skin a little extra TLC, and use the right anti aging skin care products to stay youthful longer… since not smiling, quitting coffee and staying out of the sun 24/7 definitely isn’t an option.

Before we get started, we recommend you always cleanse and tone your skin to remove excess oil and impurities, and to help improve your skins health and radiance.


After cleansing, apply Super BioActive Brightening Serum to your face and décolleté. Powered by the Marine Micro Algae and active Hops this age-defying serum works to brighten and correct pigmentation.

Crash course – Marine Micro Algae

Marine Micro Algae is a powerful antioxidant that is 14 times more effective than vitamin E. Need to detox your pores? Craving moisture? Want to soften fine lines? You guessed it… algae. It’s the oceanic ingredient that goes with everything. Algae supplies the skin cells with energy, and research shows that the nutrient density, slows down skin aging – magic!

Eye Serum

The next step is to apply an Eye Serum that will brighten and smooth the delicate skin around your eyes and help reduce fine lines and give a more youthful appearance.

We recommend gently applying a small amount of Super BioActive Lifting Eye Serum to the eye contour area.

Tip: Use your weakest finger, the ring finger, to apply eye cream gently.


Meet your moisturizer soul mates:


Super BioActive Day Cream is packed with antioxidants that repair and delay signs of aging linked to UV exposure and cellular degeneration, which will result in smooth hydrated skin, increased elasticity and reduced signs of aging.


The right night creme will replenish moisture and boost the nightly age repair process.  We can promise dramatic results with the intensive  Super BioActive Night Recovery Anti-Age Cream. This night crème is packed with our favorite ingredient marine microalgae and powerful antioxidant Hyaluronic acid that helps hydrate the skin so you can wake up to a refreshed and visibly smoother complexion.

Results: Softer, firmer and hydrated skin with a more youthful appearance

Crash course – Hyaluronic acid

The name might sound daunting but it holds the key to smooth, flawless and hydrated skin. Did you know: Hyaluronic acid is naturally produced by your body and its main function is to retain water and keep your tissue moist. By boosting your skin with hydration, HA allows youthful, soft and supple skin making fine lines and wrinkles less apparent.

Face Oil

Finally, apply an anti-aging oil that is full of powerful ingredients that help your skin maintain its glory days. After you apply your face cream, use the Super BioActive Age Control Oil Complex.

*Depending on your preference, the oil can also be applied together with our Serum, to create a potent cocktail.

Tip: when applying the oil, never rub, press the gently into your skin.


Last but not least make sure to drink lots of water, eat organic fruits & veggie, and prioritize sleep over staying up until 2 AM scrolling through Instagram (we know, it’s hard)